At Old Wisconsin, we don't just make our sausage the old-fashioned way to be old-fashioned. We do it because we're committed to making the best sausages, and there are simply some things you just can't rush. That's why we use only the finest ingredients and smoke our meats slowly over real hardwood fires. We've been a local company for over 50 years, and we believe that everyone deserves a taste of genuine Wisconsin sausage.

Old Wisconsin sausages are made the old-fashioned way, using the finest ingredients and slowly smoked over real hardwood fires.

Snacks: Old Wisconsin Snack Bites, Snack Sticks and Smoke Stacks are some of America’s favorite snacks—they’re the perfect size for snacking and on-the-go, made with the finest meats and spices smoked to perfection that can be enjoyed anywhere.
Sausages: Whether you’re entertaining or looking for a delicious snack or meal, Old Wisconsin’s Summer Sausage, Beer Salami, Hand-Tied Summer Sausage are made from the highest quality meat and carefully aged for flavor.
For the Grill: From Old Wisconsin’s Natural Casing Weiners to Bratwurst Links, Polish Sausage and Smoked Sausage with Cheddar, Old Wisconsin bring the smoky goodness to your next barbecue or cookout with savory, juicy favorites.

We believe that dining with your family and friends is about more than just eating. Share your time with those you love and create memories that will last a lifetime with our delicious, creative recipes.